Favorite Male Characters

#3 Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries

I find Damon’s character to be one of the most intricate and heartbreaking characters on television. He has so many layers partly because we have really seen three different Damon’s…We have human Damon, evil Damon and almost hero Damon.

So lets start with human Damon. His life makes me sad, his father obviously favored Stefan and I believe the disappointment and the lack of love he has getting from his father made him as twisted as it sounds seek out Katherine even, more because she gave him affection while others didn’t. His love for Katherine actually is probably one of the biggest reasons i love Damon. He was willing to give up everything for her.

then we have evil Damon, which I also find super entertaining. Although, even when he was “evil” he still wanted his brother, and he was still looking for Katherine so those two things within themselves reveal that he was redeemable.

As for almost hero Damon, he is my favorite. The “i don’t want to care but i do so I’m going to protect the people i love thing” gets me every time. Plus his heart breaking journey, his struggle with his humanity and his love for Elena and Stefan is so gripping. 

Damon is the type of person or non-person that loves with everything they have, and that’s dangerous for both his emotions and others. Because he loves deep enough that he would willing rip open the world to save the person he loves. Its a quality that makes it hard for me to believe that there isn’t anything human left in Damon. 

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