Favorite Male Characters

#2 Eliot Spencer - Leverage

First of all I love leverage soooo very much…everything about the show is fantastic but one character stood out the most to me.

eliot Spencer, hitter, is so much more than the very attractive muscle of the team. Sadly we don’t know that much about Eliot and what we do know is always kinda vague.

So what do we know?

  • Obviously¬†he has a fighting background lol
  • Well he has a nephew
  • He use to be a Commander in what i assume the San Lorenzo Army but they never really mentioned what kind of military he was a Commander in.
  • he can cook
  • he was the quarter back in his¬†high school
  • He often gets passionate when he feels someone from “lower class” or children are being taken advantage of. Which leads me to believe that he was appart of the “lower class himself” and some scenes sujest that he himself was abused as a child.
  • At one point in time he worked for Damien Monroe…which he said that the worst thing he has ever done was because of Monroe.

(and if anyone else has something they know please respond to this and let me know =D)

so why do i love Eliot, because he is the protector…he will go to hell and back for his crew. I love the complexity of his character and i can’t wait until the show explores his background more.

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